view3dscene 3.5.0, engine 2.0.0 releases

New releases: A grand new 2.0.0 version of the Kambi VRML game engine ( ) and a new version 3.5.0 of our main tool, view3dscene ( ). Other minor programs here are also updated, to bring bugfixes to them. Changes:

User-visible features:

  • NURBS support ( ). Most of the X3D NURBS component (level 1) is implemented, this includes curves, surfaces and interpolators. VRML 97 NURBS nodes are also handled.

  • Major bugfixes to the GTK 2 (Unix) backend and shadow maps handling.

  • Countless small bugfixes and improvements.

Programmer-visible engine features:

  • Scene manager (TKamSceneManager), a manager of the 3D world.

  • Custom viewports (TKamViewport) easily usable with our scene manager.

  • 2D controls framework: TKamGLButton, TKamGLImage, better TGLMenu and more. Viewports are also 2D controls.

  • Engine sources reorganized into more intuitive src/, examples/ etc. directories.

  • Much more components registered on the Lazarus palette. (This will be extended in next releases.)

  • Engine is licensed now on the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (with "static linking exception"), see

Posted by Michalis Kamburelis 2010-03-31

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