VR Juggler 2.0.1 released

* Introduction

Today marks the release of the best version of VR Juggler yet: 2.0.1. Many hours and days have been spent tracking down and fixing bugs reported by users of the VR Juggler 2.0.0 release, and the result is a much more stable and more reliable VR Juggler 2.0 release. VR Juggler 2.0.1 is a bug-fix release relative to VR Juggler 2.0.0, and all users of VR Juggler 2.0.0 and the 2.0 pre-releases are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this new release.

Updating from VR Juggler 2.0 Beta 1 or newer generally involves the simple process recompiling applications code, but users of Performer should read the release notes carefully. Users of PyJuggler 1.0 should rebuild the PyJuggler source against this VR Juggler release since PyJuggler is tightly coupled with the VR Juggler library binaries. There will not be a new release of PyJuggler since nothing has changed since the release of PyJuggler 1.0.0.

For convenience, I include the highlights from the VR Juggler 2.0.1 release notes:

* The VR Juggler Performer Draw Manager no longer calls pfExit() when it is shut down. Instead, users who want to ensure that Performer cleans up its resources should put a call to pfExit() at the very end of their application main() function. The call to pfExit() must be the last call in main().

* Use of Performer on IRIX has been fixed, and keyboard/mouse input into Performer graphics windows now works on IRIX (in addition to Linux and Windows).

* A critical bug in the InterSense API and IS-900 device drivers has been fixed.

* The InterSense API driver has been updated to the latest release of the InterSense Interface SDK and now has better support for UNIX-based operating systems running on 64-bit architectures.

* gadget::KeyEvent objects on Windows now provide the same information as is available when using the X Window System.

* Mouse scroll wheel events are now supported and are treated as button press/release events for mouse buttons 4 and 5.

* Sample rate problems with the Sonix OpenAL plug-in have been fixed.

* VRJ VNC now supports Windows.

As usual, you can find binaries, source code, pre-packaged dependencies, and rendered documentation on SourceForge. Downloads and requirements can be found here:


Some builds are still being prepared, and they should be posted on SourceForge later today. Once they are, the VR Juggler website will be updated accordingly.

New VR Juggler users should read the VR Juggler 2.0 /Getting Started Guide/:


Please be aware that the VR Juggler 2.0 pre-releases are considered obsolete. No more patches will be merged to the 2.0 Alpha 3 or Alpha 4 branches. Once again, users of VR Juggler 2.0 pre-releases are strongly encouraged to update to the VR Juggler 2.0.1 release.

* Porting from 1.0

We have worked to address problems with VR Juggler 1.0, both in the design and in the implementation. We have also taken advantage of advances in C++ compiler technology to make the code faster, simpler, and more robust. To learn about updating VR Juggler 1.0 applications, refer to the porting documentation:


This is a Wiki page, so everyone can contribute additional information and/or tips as necessary.

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2005-08-30