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VR Juggler 1.1 DR2 available


The VR Juggler Team is pleased to announce the long-awaited second developer release of VR Juggler 1.1. This is the code that will become VR Juggler 2.0. This release is being made available so that people using VR Juggler 1.0 have ample opportunity to prepare for the changes coming in version 2.0 and so that we as developers can get feedback from the user community. We want your comments, questions, concerns, and (especially) bug reports!

*NOTE:* This is a _developer release_, not an official stable release. As such, the code should be considered unstable and not yet ready for production use. While we use the code every day, we know there are bugs. Refer to the SourceForge bug list for the current status:

As usual, you can find binaries and source code on SourceForge. It is recommended that you visit the VR Juggler download page on for details on new requirements since VR Juggler 1.0:


Features since VR Juggler 1.1-DR1
* Easier configuration of the Remote Input Manager (distributed input system for clusters).
* Expanded functionality of the Remote Input Manager such that all devices can be used with it.
* Sonix is built with VR Juggler by default.
* Sonix loads its sound implementations as plugins at runtime.
* Updated to use OpenSG version 1.1.0.
* OpenSG multi-pipe performance improvements.
* Updated to use OSG version 0.9.1.
* Improved reliability of vrj::OsgApp.
* Improved stability of the Flock driver.
* Improved stability of the Intersense driver.
* A new configuration editor, VRJConfig.
* Win32 graphics windows now accept simulator input.
* General improvements to the GLX keyboard window code.
* Bug fixes to readn in the POSIX- and BSD-based I/O code.
* Completed headers for backwards compatibility with the VR Juggler 1.0 math API found in $VJ_BASE_DIR/include/deprecated.
* Support for Solaris/SPARC.

For information related to all the new features since VR Juggler 1.0, please
refer to the Discussion Area on our web site. Please note that a few of those
features are still in development for VR Juggler 2.0.

As a reminder, the VR Juggler 1.0 math library has been replaced by the Generic Math Template Library (GMTL), found at This library offers improved speed and flexibilty in the math code.

Porting from 1.0

This developer release represents 20 months of work by an expanding group of developers. We have worked to address problems with VR Juggler 1.0, both in the design and in the implementation. We have also taken advantage of recent advances in C++ compiler technology to make the code faster, simpler, and more robust.

We are writing a migration guide for people who want to port applications to VR Juggler 1.1/2.0. It can be found at:

We will continue to revise and update this document. Users who find errors or omissions are encouraged to inform us so that we can make the document as comprehensive as possible.

What's Coming?

We are planning more developer releases in the coming weeks before VR Juggler 2.0 is released officially. In particular, users can look forward to the following:

* Completion of Mac OS X support.
* More robust remote reconfiguration.
* Simulator customization.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Win32: Visual Studio 7 (.NET), Netscape Portable Runtime 4.2
IRIX: MIPSpro Compilers version
Linux/BSD: GCC 2.96 or newer, 3.0/3.1 strongly recommended
Solaris: GCC 3.1 or newer


The VR Juggler Team

Posted by Ben Scott 2002-09-07

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