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It's time for your monthly status update on Vrapper. When I released 0.32.0 last month I mentioned that I received a lot of help from contributors who really knew what they were doing (way more than I do). Those same contributors have been extremely productive this month to the point that I feel like I've been relegated to a Project Manager position. Just look at what they've accomplished in this last month:

  • Add support for 'gv' and 'gi' commands
  • Add support for marks: '< '> '[ '] '^
  • Add support for global marks (A-Z and 0-9)
  • Add support for Ctrl+O while in InsertMode
    • Perform a single NormalMode command then return to InsertMode
  • Add support for Ctrl+U in InsertMode
  • Add support for Ctrl+X-Ctrl+L sentence completion in InsertMode
  • Add support for Ctrl+U in CommandLineMode
  • Add support for Ctrl+Y in CommandLineMode
  • Add support for :! and :r! to execute a shell command
  • Add support for line ranges when using eclipseaction commands
  • Add support for parameters with eclipseaction commands
    • eclipseaction sc org.eclipse.ui.views.showView(org.eclipse.ui.views.showView.viewId=org.eclipse.ui.console.ConsoleView)
  • Add support for 'autocmd' in .vrapperrc for editor-specific bindings
    • autocmd "C/C++ Editor" eclipseaction gv org.eclipse.cdt.ui.edit.text.c.select.last
    • au "CMake Editor" nnoremap <CR> gf
  • Add support for pasting to CommandLineMode with Ctrl+V
    • (without unbinding Paste from Eclipse!)
  • Add configurable option 'exitlinkmode' to disable Vrapper's attempt to exit to NormalMode after Eclipse performs certain text operations
  • Add support for custom surround definitions in our Surround Plugin
  • Introduce new Split Editor Plugin
    • :split, :vsplit, :wincmd, Ctrl+w commands, etc.
    • Requires Eclipse 4 (sorry Eclipse 3.x users)
  • Introduce new Plugin for port of argtextobj.vim
  • Incremental improvements on cursor motion within our still-unstable VisualBlockMode
  • Whole mess of miscellaneous defect fixes

That's a lot of changes in a single month and I haven't been able to spend time with each new feature. It may take some extra testing to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. Anyway, if this next month is anything like the last month then 0.34.0 is looking to be a HUGE release for us.

Posted by Kevin 2013-06-29

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