Highlight matching braces problem

D Soa
  • D Soa

    D Soa - 2012-02-27

    Vrapper has problems with highlighting matching braces (a preference in the General Editor settings).  The problem is the cursor needs to be after the brace for it to highlight the matching one.  If the brace is the last character on the line, you can't place the cursor after the brace unless you are in input/append mode.

  • Stanislav Zotov

    Stanislav Zotov - 2012-03-29

    I concur, this situation should be detected.
    Or even better, alternatively, change eclipse highlighting behavior so it will match brackets _under_ cursor, not before it.

  • Kevin

    Kevin - 2012-04-02

    The root issue here is that Eclipse puts the cursor between two characters whereas Vim (Vrapper) puts the cursor on top of a single character.  Vrapper has a hideous hack on Eclipse (called EvilCaret.java) which forces the cursor to be drawn on top of a character.  However, under the hood, Eclipse still thinks the cursor is between two characters.

    This means when Vrapper is showing the cursor on top of a '{' character, Eclipse actually thinks it's before that '{' character.  Like you said, highlighting matching brackets is an Eclipse feature, not Vrapper.  Eclipse simply doesn't think the cursor is on the '{' so it doesn't show the match.  This is the same reason why '%' doesn't work in visual mode (see defect https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/vrapper/ticket/73 for more details).

    Short Answer: I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to fix this.

  • Stanislav Zotov

    Stanislav Zotov - 2012-04-13

    How about letting the cursor move past EOL if some kind of brace is the last symbol on it?
    Eclipse somehow allows it if you click your mouse after EOL.


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