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[ANN] VPP 2.2.1 Released

This release fixes a bug in VPPCopyTool, corrects some minor typos and adds some clarification here and there in the docs.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2004-05-06

[ANN] VPP 2.2.0 Released

- New features:
- Velocity Context tools can now be configured by referencing a
configured data type. This means that the tool can be configured in the
build file using Ant's configuration conventions
- Added Velocity event handler support. Event handlers can be
configured just like tools making them flexible and easy to use.
- Included a useful event handler, VPPFailOnNullInsertion, which throws
BuildException if an attempt is made to insert the value of an undefined
- Added an 'add' attribute to the property element of VPPEngine. This
supports the ability to configure multi-value Velocity Engine properties
such as resource loader paths.
- Updated documentation for the above and fixed a few typos.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2004-02-05

[ANN] VPP 2.1.2 Released

This release simply updates documentation regarding the keys used for configuring default Velocity Engine properties.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2004-02-03

[ANN] VPP 2.1.1 Released

This release fixes some documentation typos only.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2004-01-23

[ANN] VPP 2.1.0 Released

This release fixes some documentation typos and adds a new feature that allows templates to get information about source and destination files when using either the VPPCopy or VPPJavac tasks.

See http://vpp.sourceforge.net/manual/vpptool.html for details on the information now available.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2004-01-15

ANN - VPP 2.0.0 now available!

This release represents a makeover for VPP. The major changes include support for Ant 1.6 antlibs, updated Velocity to 1.3.1 and refactoring of the code to simplify usage.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2003-12-05

New release: 1.2.0

This release changes licensing from LGPL to BSD. In addition, this release adds support for passing string and tools to the VelocityContext.

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2003-01-21

Added vpp-user list for support

Just added a mailing list for answering questions regarding the usage of vpp, vpp-user@lists.sourceforge.net.

Please submit any and all questions related to vpp here.



Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2002-12-26

ANN: VPP - The Velocity Preprocessor

VPP is a preprocessing tool based on the Ant build system and the Velocity Template Engine.

VPP includes an Ant FilterReader and 2 Ant tasks. VPPFilter is a FilterReader that processes its input using Velocity. VPP integrates VPPFilter directly into the Copy task for ease of use. Finally, VPPJavac is a drop-in replacement for the Javac task which processes all input through Velocity before compilation.... read more

Posted by Dave Masser-Frye 2002-12-19