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VPA 3.64 beta3 relaesed

Pre-Release Version Beta 3.

You need this, of you play:
· Borg (enhanced chunelling)
· Unity (Unity featured added in client (i.e. AHP Jump, DAx-Codes, Merlin codes)
· with a calculator at your hand (ALT C ist calculator)
· feel unsafe with commands (more mistakes ovserved SHIFT-F10)
· sweep mines ouside the fields (more accurate calulations)
· play with PHOST and use anhanced merlin-codes... read more

Posted by Steffen Frey 2011-03-29

VPA 3.63

After long time in "unofficial beta" status, this is VPA 3.63. It is largely identical to the beta4, but now has the blessing of a "release" version number.

The most important change compared to 3.62c is support for PHost 4's new hull function and experience system.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2011-03-06

VPA 3.62c

VPA 3.62c released. This is a snapshot, it fixes a number of bugs and implements quite some of your feature requests.

Your thanks for this release go to Bernhard and Christian.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2005-04-11

VPA 3.62b

maintenance release...
we have no releases for a long time and surely there were many changes.

Posted by Gleb Mazursky 2004-08-30

VPA 3.62a

VPA 3.62a is now available.

The bugs introduced in 3.62 were fixed; probably it was a mistake that I forgot to ask Piotr before releasing it :)

In addition, Christian Graefe added a boatload of new features which show that VPA need not only look spartanic.

Plus a handfull of other improvements.

To sum it up: I guess this version would have been a better candidate for a version number jump :-)

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2004-03-22

VPA 3.62

VPA now does exact movement prediction. When it says you need one turn, you really need just one turn.

Piotr added some prediction features which should also help you planning your turns.

Bernhard added a function to cycle through objects in order of position, not Id, to avoid having to jump around so much.

As you see, quite a number of reasons to increment the version number :-)

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2004-02-22

VPA 3.61g released

VGA Planets Assistant (VPA) is a client program for VGA Planets PBEM game. It works with both original host (www.vgaplanets.com) and Portable Host, PHost (phost.de, phost-contrib.sf.net). VPA 3.61g is out now. Get it from the usual places. We fixed some bugs; in particular, VPA can now call PVCR 4.0 correctly. In addition, minefield display got improved (you can now choose the beam type for sweep prediction), and there's the new "actual list" (todo list) feature by Andrew Andrienko which helps you to keep track of units you already gave commands to.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2003-12-12

VPA 3.61f

VPA 3.61f is out now.

It fixes quite a number of prediction bugs. VPAMM now no longer has rounding problems. In addition, VPA now supports PHost 4's experience feature. Experience levels are evaluated and displayed on the ship/planet screen as well as stored in the database.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2003-09-26

VPA 3.61e

VPA 3.61e is available now.

This release mostly fixes an annoying bug which rendered the command-message facilities of VPA completely useless. Everyone who has 3.61d should upgrade. Sorry.

Plus, this version improves next-turn mineral prediction by taking cloning into account.

There's no doc package this time, docs remain the same as last time.


Posted by Stefan Reuther 2003-06-19

VPA 3.61d

VPA 3.61d is out now.

It features, among other, utilities to help you plan you minefields and priority builds, as well as a message filter. The ship list can now be sorted, and VPA knows about the PHost build queue.

Have fun.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2003-06-04

VPA 3.61c

VPA 3.61c is available now. It is mainly a bug-fix release (see whatsnew file for a list).

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2003-02-26

VPA 3.61b

VPA 3.61b is finally out. It includes quite a number of bugfixes in predictions, instant battle result for PHost, and prediction of next-turn resources in ship construction yard.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2002-12-22

VPA 3.61a

VPA version 3.61a is finally available. It features remote-control support for missions (you do no longer need to use DullMissions), a message template for variable-sized circles, plus a number of bugfixes. Stay tuned for version 3.61b which will have a ship cost calculator, and instant battle result for PHost.

Posted by Stefan Reuther 2002-09-26


SVGA support added.
You can enable it though /S start switch.
(Default mode is old VGA 640x480x16)
VPA will start in 640x480x256 mode, so you
get the same display size etc, but using VESA
modes allows to set higher refresh rate.
Use utils packaged with your video card or
universal utils like unirefresh

Posted by Gleb Mazursky 2002-02-16


- unload in space bug
+ faster map scrolling

Next time (we hope) we'll get pvcr call back, so stop by soon!

[2Stefan: why? =$-)]

Posted by Alexander Babanov 2002-02-15


Introducing marker filters: now you can assign every marker type/color pair to some group (1, 2, A, etc.), make some masks for those groups (12, 4AZ, etc.) and rotate masks with Alt-A. Note, Shift-A works as ususal and the default behavior of filters is as in pre-3.60d.


Oh, BTW, 3.60e will not blink during scrolling, so come back soon to grab it ;-)

Posted by Alexander Babanov 2002-02-11


Version 3.60c sources are up for grabs, a link to executable will be added shortly. Please, post your (reasonable ;-)) requests and bug reports. And don't forget to send your test cases, so we can fix bugs fast!

Version 3.60a:
- bugfixes (total 0);
- minor changes (total 3);
- two new markers: grave and cactus;
- marker text starting with ` does not show up on the screen;

Version 3.60b:
- bugfixes (total 1);
- minor changes (total 0);... read more

Posted by Alexander Babanov 2002-02-09

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