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Version 1.2 Released !

- First version that is really usable in production environment (with basic
VoiceXML application)
- Supports POST methods to submit fields
- Support for new tags: log, var
- libwww has been replaced by an home made HTTP lib
- Other bug fixes

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2007-09-23

Design Change: libwww removed

Libwww is probably very powerfull but also very difficult to integrate. Especially with form-data POST. We decided to move to a home made library. Quicker and less dependant.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2007-09-04

Version 1.2 Announced for September

This new version will mainly support complete DTMF form and improved navigation

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2007-08-08

Design Change: xerces-c replaced by expat

xerces-c is quite big. It has been replaced by expat.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-10-14

Design Change: libcurl replaced by libwww

Libcurl is quite big and causes problems when statically linked. It has been replaced by libwww.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-10-07

Version 1.0 Released !

- This is the first version of Voxy
- It does for the moment only support basic VoiceXML tags (audio, disconnect,
submit, goto, vxml, field, grammar, record)
- Grammar does only support DTMF

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-09-17

Design Document Released

The design document has been released. Check the CVS repository.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-07-31

Design Change

We are on schedule. But OpenVXI was certainly not a good idea. Too big, too complex, too closed and too difficult to put in place. We then consider a safer approach with development of our own VoiceXML browser. This enlarge of course the scope of the project (and make it more interesting). But the first release scheduled for Septembre will only contain a basic version of it.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-07-28

Voxy has been launched !

It is not the first time that we see a project that want to integrate VoiceXML within Asterisk. The difference with this one is that we need it urgently for one of our customers.
As we though that it might be usefull to the community, we have made it GPL.
The plan is to have a first release in Septembre.

Posted by PhoneSurvey.biz 2006-07-14