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Signal 0.7.2 Released (10APR06)

This release contains a lot of code quality improvements. Version 0.7.0 didn't work with CList versions 0.12.1 - 0.12.4 due to a bug in CList; this release contains a fix which compensates for that (although the bug is fixed in CList 0.12.5.) I went through and made all size comparisons with relational values "less-than", all "not-equal-to" comparisons the inverse of the "equal-to" value, and all addition having the current value on the left and the new value on the right. This was mostly for standardization, and to cut down on the required operators for relational data. I added two functions to check for a connection and find a relationship between two nodes. 'SignalTracer' will now ignore the 'CompositeRelational' option when building the path, but it will still pass the flag on to the mapper for mapping purposes.... read more

Posted by 2006-04-10

Signal 0.7. released (22Oct05)

I've just posted the initial release of the Signal library. This is a basic lib allowing networking of C++ objects for the purposes of analysis of their relationships. This has been in the works for quite a while, however it's been a functional concept for over 2 years. I've spent a lot of time simplifying it for public use (implementation, not function), which is the main cause of delayed release. Hopefully I've provided sufficient documentation for how to implement the lib. If not, please let me know. Please keep an eye out for future releases. I don't plan to do anything with the Signal lib other than debugging and optimizing, however I do plan to release additional libs under this project which will extend the Signal lib. As always, thanks for your interest. Please check out my other C++ projects if you get a chance.

Posted by 2005-10-23

Signal Lib Status (11JUL05)

As of now, I have the initial release complete with the exception of a concept overview. I've got a complete tutorial and a full scale example, however I think I need to document the fundamentals of the concept and I might add a simpler example. Thanks for taking a look!

Posted by 2005-07-11

Lib Status (09 May 05)

I have everything written and functional. I need to do a code review and debug. I am working on the documentation, which is by far the largest part remaining with this project. Then of course I will need to come up with some useful examples. I don't have a timeline on initial release at this time.

Posted by 2005-05-09

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