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Vogoo PHP Lib: v2.0.1 released

Vogoo PHP LIB is a powerful collaborative filtering engine that allows Webmasters to easily add high personalisation features to their Web Sites.

This version fixes a bug in Slope One calculations

Posted by sdroux 2008-02-28

Vogoo PHP Lib v2.0 released

* Indexes and constraints added in the DB
* DB schema and code change for item-based CF
* New statistics module
* Code reorganization that improves modules consistency
* Most returned results now use associative arrays
* SQL code fix that works with DB modules provided in the db/ area (tested on MySQL and PostreSQL only)
* Fixed bugs in the visitors module

Posted by sdroux 2007-09-23

v1.8.1 released

Fixes member_k_similarities bug.
Thanks to all users who sent me a bug report

Posted by sdroux 2007-02-17

Vogoo PHP Lib v.1.8 released

Code optimizations

Posted by sdroux 2006-11-07

Vogoo PHP Lib v1.7 released

Added a filter function to create a sublist of items to recommend

Posted by sdroux 2006-04-29

Vogoo PHP Lib v1.6 released

New item-to-item recommendations added

Posted by sdroux 2006-03-12

Vogoo PHP Lib v1.5 released

This new version includes 2 new item-based Collaborative filtering engines.
http://www.vogoo-api.com for more information

Posted by sdroux 2005-10-23

Installation bug fixed

Fixed a bug that prevented the installation of the library

Posted by sdroux 2005-09-08

Vogoo PHP LIB v1.0 released

The Vogoo PHP Lib collaborative filtering engine now includes a real-time ads targeting engine.

Posted by sdroux 2005-08-22

Bug fix for v0.9

Fixed a bug that prevented the visitors class from working properly

Posted by sdroux 2005-07-11

Vogoo PHP LIB v0.9 released

Adds collaborative filtering features for non members and handles multiple product categories

Posted by sdroux 2005-06-30

Vogoo PHP LIB v0.8 released

The initial release of the Vogoo PHP LIB is now available via Sourceforge.
Vogoo PHP LIB is an easy-to-use collaborative filtering engine that allows Webmasters to simply add high personalisation features to their own Web Sites.
Check http://www.vogoo-api.com for a full description of the features offered by the Vogoo PHP LIB.

Posted by sdroux 2005-04-21

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