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VocableTrainerX VTX_092

Version 0.92: project updated to Xcode 3.1, to build in OS X release 10.5. Product is a univeral binary with ppc ppc74 i386 and x_86_64 executable code. Bugfix: Minor bug in which user could not add entries to a blank database.

This is (naturally) the last release that will support the PowerPC processor architecture. Future releases over the next month or two will update the project for fully-64-bit systems beginning with Snow Leopard 10.6. The source will be re-done almost from scratch to remove various awkwardness in the existing code.

Posted by deldotvee 2017-01-16 Labels: update

Bug fixes in Release 0.9.1

-- Fixed importing of binary files from Release 0.71

-- Fixed sorting problem: Now sorts in dictionary order

-- Fixed problem when importing CSV-format files

-- Development outline now included in source archive

Posted by deldotvee 2005-06-07

Release of Version 0.9 of VocableTrainerX

VocableTrainerX is a program primarily intended for compiling and studying vocabulary lists when learning a foreign language. It is written in Cocoa and ObjectiveC and runs on the Mac OS X platform. This substantial revision includes a number of powerful new features and fixes several bugs that bedeviled earlier releases (see File Release Notes).

Posted by deldotvee 2005-06-02