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  • BobSongs

    BobSongs - 2008-02-02


    I'm curious why the key of "E" is not available in the list given. There's E Flat and F... but no key of E. ;^) Any help on this one would be appreciated. Now, if you're just beta testing, then I'll be glad to help in any way. I just downloaded the most recent copy. The previous one was not as stable. This one's pretty nice.


    • Matthias Neeracher

      Sorry for not answering sooner... I thought I would get notified of posts automatically and did not realize I had to request this explicitly.

      To answer your question, omitting 'E' is a somewhat idiosyncratic choice: I try to focus VocalEasel towards the needs of amateur Jazz musicians, and my teachers and the more experienced musicians that I work with have told me over and over again that bands generally hate sharps in the key signature. 'A' with 3 sharps is already pushing it, and 'E' with 4 sharps is definitely a problem (As Al Stevens put it "If you have to play or sing in the keys of D, E and A, find a country western bar that allows sit-ins" <>).

      That said, just because a key is not recommended doesn't mean that VocalEasel should entirely prohibit it (In fact, there are quite a few Jazz tunes with 6 flats, so the current menu is too restrictive anyway). I'll think of some way to add the other keys without cluttering up the menu too much.


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