Other pkatforms?

  • Ketil thorgersen


    Your software is great! I like lilypond but find setting it up too hard for leadsheet work. Your software is great in that respect - a bit like denemo only simpler and easier.
    I was just wondering if you plan to release it for other platforms? I see that you have a cocoa interface - how hard would it be to port it to linux?

    Also - is there a function which brings up a text-editor from within the program. ^t to open smultron or something like that would be great!

    Best regards and thank you so much from

    • Matthias Neeracher

      I don't have any experience with OpenStep, and my impression was that it does not replicate functionality such as PDFKit. Much of the rest of the functionality would not be all that hard to reproduce, I think.

      The problem with bringing up a text editor is figuring out how to make the results round trip proof, i.e. once you tweak the lilypond code, what do I do if you edit the song at a VocalEasel level?


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