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VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.2.1 released

UltraVNC added

Posted by MikeHarding 2011-06-28

VNCed 0.3.2

This release has been tested on Windows 7. It also includes additional resolution modes, they don't have to be used but they are aimed at specific resolutions. This release has also been tested against the latest version of UltraVNC

Posted by MikeHarding 2011-05-13

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.2.0 released

Adds UltraVNC

Posted by MikeHarding 2011-04-20

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.8 released

This release contains a creator for the 64bit version of UltraVNC

Posted by MikeHarding 2010-01-04

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.7 released

This release resolves an issue with ACL import/export

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-12-23

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.6 released

Support for UltraVNC 1.0.8 added

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-12-21

VNCed UltraVNC MSI 1.0.8

This release includes an installer for UltraVNC

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-12-18

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.5

This update fixes an issue with incorrect program files location on non english locales.

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-12-16

VNCed TightVNC EXE 1.0.0

Just a simple installer for TightVNC. This adds the ability to start the winvnc service straight after install as well as display the VNC tray icon. The installer uses TightVNC 1.3.10

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-09-13

VNCed UltraVNC MSI 1.0.5

UltraVNC updated to, includes updated VNCviewer ( for 1.0.5 version.

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-03-02

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.4

Updated to include security fix for VNCviewer This release also adds the Tabbed VNCviewer.

Posted by MikeHarding 2009-03-02

VNCed UltraVNC MSI 1.0.4 Released

This release adds an installer for UltraVNC

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-12-16

VNCed 0.3.1 Released

This release does away with the 1024x768 screen resolution restriction, VNCed will now work with any screen resolution on a VNC server.

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-12-11

pyvnc2swf-py2exe 1.1

This release is updated to include version 0.9.5 of pyvnc2swf

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-11-20

VNCed UltraVNC MSI 1.0.3

This release includes a pre-configured installer for UltraVNC 1.0.5.

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-10-05

VNCed 0.3.0 Released

This release adds some properties to adjust the number panels that are displayed on the screen. Also included is the ability to switch tasks (ALT+TAB) when viewing a PC

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-10-03

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.3

This release adds support for the MSI ALLUSERS property.

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-08-25

VNCed 0.2.8 Released

This release adds to the following options to controlled Remote PCS

Open Start Menu
Lock Workstation

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-05-17

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.2

This release includes the VNCviewer as part of the installation and also includes descriptions for the majority the properties that can be set by the creator.

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-05-10

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.1

This release adds a registry entry to HKLM when disableTrayIcon is set to false so that UltraVNC tray icon is shown in the system tray.

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-04-22

VNCed 0.2.7 Released

This release adds an option to the 'Edit Server List' so you can set the Caster Chat Port

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-02-22

VNCed 0.2.6 Released

This release adds the ability to specify alternate server list files from the command line. Also allowed is the ability to specify alternate ports for the Chat Server for msg broadcasting

Posted by MikeHarding 2008-02-17

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.1.0

This release hopefully resolves an issue with the MSRC4 DSM Plugin as well as correcting a major problem with the actual MSI generation

Posted by MikeHarding 2007-12-14

VNCed UltraVNC MSI Creator 1.0.9

This release includes support for importing MS Logon group permissions. Please consult the included README for more information.

Posted by MikeHarding 2007-12-08

VNCed 0.2.5 Released

This release features an improved property editor.

Posted by MikeHarding 2007-11-08

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