#5 Remote upgrade


Since the new 1.2.2 is out, is there an easy way to
remotely upgrade all of my workstations that are
currently running 1.2.0? I have considered just
copying the new files to the remote computer via a
logscript but wasn't sure if there was an easier way
or an "admin" utility that would make this easier.
Any help would be appreciated, I don't really want to
touch each machine manually.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    me to ! Just posted in the feature requests forum... now with
    1.2.4 it's a never ending saga !!

    Would love an auto-update feature that polls here and
    upgrades itself, or a function when logged in from a client that
    initiates the update and ensures that it restarts (in an error,
    restart last known good version to avoid trashing the link)

  • Matthew A. Kurowski

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    i have no problems with updating.

    set up a script to check for versions. if version not
    current, stop the vnc server service and copy updates then
    start. optionally, you can merge the dist reg file before
    starting too.

    the vnclistener can't be launched at that point in logon so
    no file lock error there.

    you can do it under kix, vbscript, or perl relatively
    easily. in fact, you could do it under a regular batch file
    if you wanted something less fancy. just set version as an
    envrionment var to be modified on another .reg merge... blah


    matthew kurowski

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    If you install the new version in the same directory as the old
    one, it will be updated the next time that computer restarts,
    and you can do that from VNC.

  • Constantin Kaplinsky

    • status: open --> closed
  • Constantin Kaplinsky

    Logged In: YES

    Starting from the 1.2.5 version, TightVNC Win32 installer is
    able to perform remote upgrade (but currently reboot is


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