#158 Compiling TightVNC server in Visual Studio 2010



I am trying to compile TightVNC server 2.0.2 under Windows XP in Visual Studio 2010. I am currently able to load the solution file in Visual Studio (tvnserver.sln) and build a "Release" version of the solution. However the resulting files are of types .obj .lib and .tlog and do not contain an installer or an executable. I have read in various forums that these files need to be further assembled into an installer using the "setup.nsi" script (found on the download page of TightVNC). However, running this script (using MakeNSISW) results in the following error:

Error while loading icon from "tvnserver.ico": can't open file
Error in macro MUI_INTERFACE on macroline 64
Error in macro MUI_PAGE_INIT on macroline 3
Error in macro MUI_PAGE_WELCOME on macroline 5
Error in script "C:\TightVNC\tvnserver-2.0.2 - 2010\setup.nsi" on line 95 -- aborting creation process

The "tvnser.ico" file is not generated during compilation of TightVNC server, and addition of dummy files to satisfy the script results in it asking for more files (which are also not generated). So, this brings me to my question: Is there something I am doing wrong here, or is my approach to compiling a TightVNC server installer incorrect in principle? Thanks in advance for any help.


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