> I’m using TightVNC to control a Wyse 941GXL thin client (running WindowsXP) from my desktop
> PC. I’m using the thin client to operate a MagicJack. I just read that the MagicJack will work
> better if the MJ process in the task manager set to high priority. That’s easy enough to do, and I
> did, but I can’t get it to stay. After setting the MJ process to high priority, I right clicked the green
> meatball in the system tray and committed the change. But when I restart the thin client so the
> change will take effect, the MJ process is back to normal priority. Does anybody know how to
> make the change take?
            You can use a sort of command line utility like: PV  (Process Viewer) or PsExec   (from the PsTools ) and create a batch file to launch MagicJack.

> Thanks,
> Don
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