Hey all,

I've solved the problem of VNC not starting on a headless machine... all I did was plug in a KVM switch with nothing else on it.  Then BOOM - headless machine :D

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Hi Midori,

In some configurations Windows avoids starting up the video hardware when it
thinks it's not in use, so that may be the problem you're hitting. You can
test that by trying a trial installation of VNC Enterprise (or Personal)
Edition on that computer, which explicitly poke Windows to tell it the video
hardware is required.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd

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> Subject: Cannot connect to VNC without monitor
> Hey all,
> I've got a Pentium 200 with Windows Me running as a print and
> scanner server. I have TightVNC server running on it to access
> the scanner.
> The trouble is I'd like to not have the monitor and keyboard
> connected to it. However when I remove these and start the
> machine up, I lose access to the VNC.
> Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?
> Thanks
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