#685 2.7.10 - Remote server version upgrade option during installation through TightVNC session


Add remote server upgrade option to installer main options page.

[ ] Remote server upgrade - Do not prompt for Security Password options

As it is currently implemented, the installer has 2 issues with remote server upgrades

(1) Even though the remote server issues a "graceful disconnect" to the client during the upgrade installation, it does not actually continue with the installation until the client clicks OK and the client window closes. Once the client does close out, the server side install completes up to the point where issue (2) arises

(2) The installation prompts for the security settings - remote password and settings password - and until the OK button is pressed it will not complete the installation and restart the services. This leaves the remote machine un-contactable via TightVNC until it is possible to physically go to the machine and click on the OK button.

A new option in the installation dialog that would continue with the installation as soon as the graceful disconnect is issues, and would assume the answers "Keep existing" and not prompt for them would allow the remote service to be upgraded with no physical keyboard access.

This would greatly increase the overall utility of the program for supporting remote servers.


  • Anonymous - 2013-08-27

    What OS do you have?
    I've just tried this case (2), and the service is restarted at this moment automatically.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2013-08-27

    I am using windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - In each case I connect from a TightVNC client to the server running TightVNC. While remotely controlling the server, I initiate an install of the newer TightVNC release on the server.

    Perhaps you have a timeout built into the prompt for the security credentials and I am not waiting long enough for it to kick-in ? But, in every case I see behaviour 2 above - where the installation stops at the point that it is requesting settings/remote access passwords.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2013-08-27

    Perhaps it makes a difference that I have both a settings password and a remote access password in place on the servers.


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