#1295 Tight VNC 2.7.10 doesn't handle rotated monitors properly in windows 8.x

qaz zi

When using VNC to access a win8.x tablet, if tablet is rotated 180 degrees the VNC view displays everything upside down.

Upon further research I was able to establish that this is likely due to the fact the Tight VNC 2.7.x uses Desktop Duplication API for RFB under windows 8.x which has additional considerations for monitor rotation.

According to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/hh404487(v=vs.85).aspx#Rotate_desktop_image it looks like tight VNC 2.7.x when using Desktop Duplication API doesn't have the additional explicit code required to support rotated monitors.


  • qaz zi

    qaz zi - 2014-02-06

    Turns out that this applies to when using all connection formats RRE, RAW, Hextile etc as well as Tight...

  • SimonBj

    SimonBj - 2014-02-07

    I second this problem.
    If the tablet is vertical no problem. But in landscape/widescreen the picture is all distorted and half is still vertical.

  • Rich Fife

    Rich Fife - 2014-04-02


    If you have two monitors and one is flipped and the other isn't, things get really nuts.


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