#1224 Rendering issue with AMD Radeon


I have an AMD Radeon 6250 video card and there are some rendering issues.
See attached file
I have tried tigerVNC and this worked fine.

I believe the issue is in the VNC server since I tried other VNC clients and they had the same issue.
Does anyone know why this is happening???

Is there a fix for this?


  • Konstantin Akimov

    If you use mirror driver, then you may remove this: in some situation this fix grab in TightVNC Server.
    What version of TightVNC Server you use? What version of Windows?

  • Konstantin Akimov

    • labels: --> Win32 Version
  • Jamie de Domenico

    I am using Windows XP SP3 with the latest released version of Tight VNC.
    TightVNC 2.6.
    I have removed the driver and it does perfom correctly now and does draw the screen cleanly.
    it is slower but it works.
    I guess there is some sort of interaction with the DFMirage driver

  • Konstantin Akimov

    You can change "Polling Interval" to 50-200 ms.
    It's not as good as the Mirror driver, but will increase interaction.


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