#1212 Viewer broken in 2.6.4 32bit


Viewer does not update the whole screen, Only what's under the cursor. It somewhat updates when scrolling but very badly. Refreshing the screen does nothing or sometimes updates the top 10%.
Moving the window ofscreen brings back garbage or copies of my own screen. Sometimes it triggers a whole screen update.
Closing and opening windows does not update at all. Leaving you to paint back some data to navigate with.
I would post a screenshot but that is also broken leaving broken data for mspaint
No amount of fiddling with settings seems to change things.
I did uninstall previous version before installing latest.
Ill keep trying to get something to work. Hopefully a previous version will restore functionality.

I updated only because I was getting a black screen from two machines, now none of my machines work with the new viewer.

Java viewer works (almost)fine so not all is lost, however that one liked to flicker back and fourth between windows(fullscren), a lucky combination if alt+tab usually get it to work. Using two windows was not a good idea. Keyboard shortcuts also seems to be somewhat broken. Some work some won't.


  • Krumelej

    Krumelej - 2012-12-26

    Uninstallation broke, but reinstall seems to have fixed it.
    Cursor is choppy and lags compared to previous version but at least viewer is working for now. Excessive cpu usage on the viewer though, especially when nothing happens on most of the screen.

    Why not make a portable viewer, that way what seems to be installation related issues could be avoided. msi installer isn't exactly reliable all the time. And your screwed if something goes wrong.

  • Konstantin Akimov

    What version of Windows are you using? What version of server? Scale is 100% or not?
    You may attach log level 9?

    Thank you for the offer about portable viewer. We will take it into account, but I cannot promise anything about these features at the moment.


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