#1193 Scrolling issues since viewer version 2.6


I am using TightVNC viewer on Windows 7 to connect to the build-in VNC server on OS X 10.7.5.
Since the upgrade to version 2.6 scrolling is not working right.
After scrolling a few lines scrolling slows down and comes to a complete standstill.
I installed 2.5.2 again and the issue was gone.
I hope you can provide an remedy against the issue so I can also upgrade to your latest version.
If you need any more information on the issue I am willing to help.


  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-11-05
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-11-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> knst-tightvnc
  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-11-05
    • assigned_to: knst-tightvnc --> nobody
  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-12-13

    Also occurring with OS X 10.8

  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-12-13
    • priority: 6 --> 5
  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-12-21

    Still no scrolling with Viewer 2.6.4 :(

  • Konstantin Akimov

    In test environment this problem isn't can not be played (OS X 10.7.5 and TightVNC Viewer 2.6 and 2.6.4 on Windows 7).

    You use x86 or x86_64 version of TightVNC Viewer?

    You can attach the log? Perhaps it contains some information about the problem.

  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2012-12-24

    Thank you for looking into my problem! :)
    Unfortunately this week I won't be at the location where I can connect to an Mac OS X server.
    Probably 2 January I will be back on that location.

    For now I can only say that I was using the x86_64 version.
    When I will be back I can make an log file, test the 32 bit version and test it from an Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2013-01-02

    I'm back on the location where the problem occurs.
    I've done some test and I found out it has something to do with the combination of my mouse settings, driver, mouse and TightVNC.
    I use an Microsoft USB Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, of course by default you don't need an driver for using the mouse. This default driver is causing problems with TightVNC since 2.6.0.
    I now have the Microsoft IntelliPoint software installed with TightVNC 2.6.4 and everything is working again.

    If I disable accelerated scrolling in IntelliPoint the old behavior is back; the scrolling in TightVNC is not working properly.

    But when still accerelated scrolling disabled and TightVNC added to the IntelliPoint blacklist of programs that have scrolling issues everything looks fine.

    TightVNC 2.6.x:
    *Microsoft Mouse with default driver: X
    *Logitech Mosue with default driver: ✔
    *Microsoft Mouse with IntelliPoint, default settings: ✔
    *Microsoft Mouse with IntelliPoint, accelerated scrolling disabled: X
    *Microsoft Mouse with IntelliPoint, accelerated scrolling disabled and TightVNC added to blacklist: ✔

    TightVNC 2.5.2:
    *Microsoft Mouse with default driver: ✔

  • Theodoor

    Theodoor - 2013-02-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> knst-tightvnc
  • Konstantin Akimov

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Konstantin Akimov

    thdg, problem in source is found.
    This issue will be fixed in next version of TightVNC: 2.7 or later.


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