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  • Bill Pedersen

    Bill Pedersen - 2012-05-21

    Anything Open Source on OpenVMS is of interest, James. Sorry, was a bit distracted for the last couple months. Family (Mother fell and broke her hip) and then some volunteering for the local high school Robotics Club and a County competition for same and then of course WORK! Of course being the owner of the business helps but clients really do like getting some attention and work done... Strange how that happens.

    We look forward to your participation - we need help in all areas...

  • Wayne Morrison

    Wayne Morrison - 2012-05-21

    I joined DEC in 1984 as part of the old NAC group, starting in Network Management. I worked on NMCC/VAX EtherNIM and DECmcc, then transferred to the VMS group in 1991. There, I worked on and acted as technical lead for the ports of DCE, CDSA, and Kerberos to VMS prior to leaving HP in 2006. The CDSA project was also the basis for Secure Delivery, which brought digital signatures to VMSINSTAL kits.

    I wrote a complete build system in DCL that tied in to CMS and MMS to build some of the Open Source projects we ported. I've worked on VAX, Alpha, and Itanium systems.

    • Bill Pedersen

      Bill Pedersen - 2012-05-21

      Hey, Wayne, welcome aboard... Tried sending email to you SF account... No luck. I understand JohnM sent you a note. So we look forward to your participation.

  • Jouk Jansen

    Jouk Jansen - 2012-05-31

    I'm Jouk Jansen
    I'm a researcher at the Tecnical University Delft, the Netherlands.The research topic is data processing and simulation of Xray- and Electron-diffraction data and electron-microscopy. For this research I use VMS machines since 1986. In my spare-time I like to port Opensource software to OpenVMS.Amongst the packages for which I maintain the VMS version, are the wxWidgets-library and the Mesa-package (software emulation for X11)

    • Bill Pedersen

      Bill Pedersen - 2012-07-03

      Jouk, nice to see you here. We look forward to your participation and involvement.


  • Jason Howe

    Jason Howe - 2012-07-01


    I'm new to VMS, currently only a hobbyist capacity. I'm a big proponent of open source software in general, helping to bring good OSS to VMS seems like a worthy goal. Of particular interest to me is getting a good VAMP stack running (I'm just about done setting this up).

    My background is in linux system/application administration -- inother words, not a real developer. Though, I'm sure I can be of help somewhere, whether testing install packages, some debugging, writing up some docs where necessary.

    I'm not sure if documentation is a goal of this project, but some HOWTO recipes for other Newbies (however many of those there might be), might be helpful -- Eg: HOWTO get a VAMP stack running.


    • Bill Pedersen

      Bill Pedersen - 2012-07-03


      Please feel free to jump into things as might seem reasonable.

      If you have amount of time to help with developing reproducers for the open tickets that would be great!


  • ABRsvcs

    ABRsvcs - 2012-07-02

    New to SourceForge but...

    Working with VMS since pre-V1 (1977). Primary function was software support in the field for DEC. Ended up working in performance, system crash analysis and porting. Concentrated on MACRO32 porting to Alpha and taught the architecture course. Working now supporting legacy applications in all languages (some macro as well) and proting to the I64 platform. Own VAX, ALpha and Itanium boxes and probably spend too much time with OpenVMS...

    Looking forward to assisting the porting efforts where I can.


    Last edit: Bill Pedersen 2012-07-03
    • Bill Pedersen

      Bill Pedersen - 2012-07-03


      Thanks for "volunteering"!

      We could use help in developing reproducers. Not all of the tickets have them - nor do all of them need them - but the ones where there is some sort of program interaction say with logicals or some other feature we need to make sure we have simple examples to forward to HP OpenVMS Engineering.

      Feel free to review and pick a ticket and create and document as you need to and then attach the reproducer to the ticket.

      We appreciate your involvement!

  • Josef Stadelmann

    Josef (alias Sepp)
    toolmaker, engineer for electronic, built PDP8M based controller, joined DEC 1974 as FS Engineer, promoted to Field Suport Engineer, SW Engineering in Sitzerland for DECmate, got involved in I18N and localization efforts on X11/Xlib/X-tk, early adopter of CORBA. Left DEC 1996 for Semaphor Europe, consulting EAI, implemented a CORBA backbon between a WindowsNT and OpenVMS system until 2001. Joined ATS Agriculture Technology Systems for asset mgmt and support in development of fastest plant tape system (our film at shows a revolution in transplanting), made my own company, delivering concepty and support for Environmental Engineering on biomass gasifiers. 2006 start migrating CORBA backbone to an Web Service based backbone, operates well since 2008. ongoing: Work as Engineer for OpenVMS WebServices, comitted to OpenSource SW on OpenVMS (i.e. axis2, rampart, maven, ant, jsvn, bash all running well on OVMS): my goal is a future for OpenJDK on OpenVMS and a future with clean energy from gasifiers, sun, wind and biogas. Whish: someone to enhance make to start migrating OpenJDK jdk7 and jdk8 to OpenVMS, this in order to continue our development for Axis2/JAXWS based webservices on OpenVMS.

    Last edit: Josef Stadelmann 2012-07-12
  • Martin Vorlaender

    Hi everyone!

    I have been working with VMS since 1989, first as an application programmer, and for a few years now in service and support (but it looks like I will be returning to programming as a primary task soon). Projects I had a hand in porting to VMS include ht://Dig, GNU patch/diff, and phpWebLog (base of the site which also is my baby),

    I'm all for centralizing the VMS porting efforts, but am afraid I won't be able to contribute too much time.

  • David Jones

    David Jones - 2012-07-24

    Hi all, I joined a few months ago and finally decided to engage with the program.

    I've been using VMS since 1982, starting as a student programmer at the Ohio State University. I graduated and joined became a full-time staff member in 1984 and retired in 2012. My main claim to fame is being author of the OSU web server. I also wrote an SSH V1 server for OpenVMS back in 1998, and contributed to the first version of CSWS. I've done independent ports of Samba and Perl when the existing effort fell short of my needs. The Samba port (stuck at version 2.2.8) has a well-integrated print interface (using direct $SNDJBC calls) that is still used in production, for example.

    The project I've decided to tackle is a port of the Git distributed revision control system. The main challenges, as usual, will be coping with code's assumptions about file system semantics and process creation/communication. The ulterior motive for the port is to let me better track the John the Ripper sources for supporting the OpenVMS format module I wrote for it.

  • John Malmberg

    John Malmberg - 2012-07-24

    Welcome David,

    I was able to build GIT and had the git clone function working before my upgrade from 8.3 to 8.4 broke. Specifically the SSL upgrade broke it by having incompatible binaries. By using logical names pointing at the old version, it should work again.

    Essentially I have zlib and libcurl built as shared images, with libcurl on alpha built with ZLIB, LDAP, SSL, and Kerberos support. I did not announce this, but I have updated the zlib kits with a shared image on the ftp directory with the current version of ZLIB.

    I then built git using the GNV tools, so I have identified most of the changes needed to build on VMS. Because I use a search list to build, all the VMS specific source is in a directory tree by itself.

    As I stated, I only got the git clone method to work. The other things that I tried apparently are trying to pipe their output through the less pager.

    Using the GNV built less image is not working with the git that I built, and I do not know why. Based on past experience with the GNV tools and other ported code, I decided to start with the current source and build less and attempt to run any self tests that come with it.

    To get less to work correctly on VMS requires ncurses, and ncurses requires termios. Implementing termios resulted in fixing a number of cosmetic output issues with GNV bash 1.14.8. I also have most of ncurses implemented, except that I have to complete the terminal input handling.

    But then I started getting feedback that people where thinking that a more modern bash was needed to use GNV. As of last year it was not as long as my usage instructions where followed, but today it is, as the configure scripts have now evolved to cause VMS Bash 1.4.8 to crash with out a work around.

    I discovered that when I tried to update libcurl to current. The build procedure for curl using native VMS tools is also broken.

    So that is why I am now working on Bash 4.2.37. I just have run out of coding time at the moment, but hope to get back to it soon. Building Bash 4.2.37 resulted in a more complete termios implementation needed for ncurses, but I have not separated that out.

    We should probably start a project thread for git in the General Project Help forum, and I can try to find time to put the git source my port was based on into the reference and scratch areas.

  • Jose Baars

    Jose Baars - 2012-08-13

    My name is José Baars, and I have been trying to keep OpenVMS systems running
    since 1987. As that is not very difficult, I have written a lot of DCL, C and
    Java stuff to extend or improve the functionality of these OpenVMS systems.
    Usually I am too curious and optimistic for my own good, which makes me
    sometimes learn more than I really want to.

  • Antonio Maria Vigliotti

    My name is Antonio Maria Vigliotti, and I have developed business software in OpenVMS.
    I know Cobol and C languages, DCL and I work with OpenVMS since 1990.
    I am here for curiosity and hope be useful.

  • John Malmberg

    John Malmberg - 2012-09-16

    Welcome to all. Currently I am trying to focus on getting the GNV Bash to be current with GNU Bash 4.2.37+ so I have not had time to do a lot of stuff here.

    I think that everyone that has joined the project can help update the WIKI pages so that we can share knowledge.

  • Bill Pedersen

    Bill Pedersen - 2012-09-18

    Anyone who has joined the project who has a topic they would like to submit to the fortnightly conference call please feel free to send the topic to me. The next conference call is Thursday, 20 Sept 2012 at 23:00 EDT.

    If you wish to join the conference call please send me a note with an email address so I can send you the necessary information privately.

    As John mentioned, we really need some help with expanding the Wiki and making sure the workarounds which have been mentioned in the tickets are also posted in the wiki so they are more visible. Once a workaround is in a wiki article we can then reference from the ticket and clean up the ticket a bit.


    Bill and John

  • Willem Grooters

    Willem Grooters - 2013-01-02

    I'm Willem Grooters, in IT since 1981, VMS experience sine 1984, as application developer (including knowledge of VMS internals) using Cobol, Pascal and Fortran, and a bit of Macro32 and C. Besides running my own private data center (VMS-based) using open source packages, both Linux/Windows/Unix and VMS based, trying to port othet useful software to VMS - and running into missing tools and files.... Just hoping to add - and gain - knowlegde in this area

  • Ton van der Zwet

    I am Ton van der Zwet (Ham: PE1OMN).

    I have worked with VMS since about 1981 and have been involved with the several Open Source projects with VMS.

    Projects that I have worked on or am working on on include:
    PHPBB (, running since 2003), (porting site, GNV.
    We (the openoffice porting group) are now reviving and integrating our knowledge and efforts into this project!

  • Bill Pedersen

    Bill Pedersen - 2013-04-02

    Next Conference Call is this Thursday, 4 April, at 23:00 EDT, check out the Discussion...

  • Anonymous - 2013-04-18

    I am Jeffrey Chimene. Started w/ DEC systems in the early 80's, Business systems on COS-310, WPS-8, RSTS/E on the 11/44, VMS on VAX and Alpha. My current interest is in open payment systems.
    Be Seeing You!

  • Bernard Giroud

    Bernard Giroud - 2013-09-11

    I am Bernard Giroud (Ham: bgiroud).

    Worked with VMS from around 1985 both as a systems manager and as a developer for a bank. Mainly Delta/COBOL, COBOL with RMS.

    Started to help porting GCC around 2003. Currently trying to craft a working build of binutils (either 2.23.2 or 2.23.52), and then GCC 4.8.0.


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