#3 Rules data format


Can you please provide an example of a complete SQL
statement that will create a working rule. I face
various issues like ip address format (the format now
is INT and I guess the application convert the IP
dotted format in decimal format, but in this case we
have to use BIGINT because the upper limit of INT is
2147483647 that makes, but without an
example it's hard to tell) and more or less same thing
with the mac. In the config file you provide examples
with blank fields in some rows, these fields are not
null (because it's stated at the creation of the table)
how do you create the (again a SQL commnd would be
What would be great is a small application like the
"VQP Test client" but allowing updates to the table,
also a "debug" mode would be great (I launched java in
verbose but it doesn't tell how vmpsd makes the
decision of REJECT").

Thank in advance



  • Matt Whitlock

    Matt Whitlock - 2006-03-11

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    INSERT INTO `vmpsd`.`rules` (`domain`, `ip`, `port`,
    `mac`, `vlan`) VALUES ('MyCompany', INET_ATON
    (''), '16', 0xAABBCCDDEEFF, 'MyVLAN');

    The upper limit of INT UNSIGNED is 2^32.

    Where fields are blank, but not NULL, they are empty
    strings. I think perhaps I was unable to make those rows
    NULL because they are involved in the table's key.

    You can change the logging level of Log4j to DEBUG if you
    want to see the decoded packets received and sent as well
    as the SQL queries being issued.

  • Matt Whitlock

    Matt Whitlock - 2006-03-11
    • status: open --> closed

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