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  • Stuart Gall

    Stuart Gall - 2008-04-29

    I found the documentation suitable for someone with experience with cisco vmps on large switches. However since most people using openvmps will be doing so because they cant justify a cisco vmps server. I think some clarification is in order.
    The following maybe obvious to some, it took me some time to figure out so I offer it for others.

    The openvmps vlan.db file follows the cisco syntax

    The vmps server does not send the vlan id for the port it sends the vlan name.
    So basically the vlans need to be named on each switch. using config vlan.
    config t
    int vlan 1
    name myname

    Alternatively you can use the default names of VLANnnnn
    so for example.
    vlan1 has default name VLAN0001

    But since you have to activate the vlans on the switch for them to work, naming them is as good a method as any.

    The vmps server (vlan.db) has a configuration
    vmps domain mydomain

    This must match the config mode
    vtp domain mydomain
    on each switch

    debug mode does not show connections coming in from the switches, even if the vtp domain is wrong nothing is shown
    this is with -d -l 0x0F03. (this is a bug IMHO)

    vmpsd will not complain if you do not specify the ip address to bind to, or if you do not specify the config file. But it does not work if they are not specified. This is documented in the man pages so I guess it is a feature IMHO it would be better if it complained.

    After those caveats it worked flawlessly though, the core of the application seems bullet proof.


    • Alex Dawson

      Alex Dawson - 2008-07-08

      Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for the feedback. I did some work on this project a number of years ago, and am coming back to check out how things are going. You're right on the issue of VTP/VMPS Domain mis-match, I remember it biting me when I initially tried to set up VMPS. Cisco's documentation is inadequate in identifying this dependency.

      In regards to comment 2, instead of defining the VLANs on all switches individually, you should use VTP on a central switch to manage the list of them, but this will only work if you have full network control and a fully Cisco network.

      Issues 4 and 5 should be logged as bugs in the program's SourceForge tracker page.

    • Anonymous - 2008-08-06

      Hi Folks,

      I'm having fun with debugging, too - Stuart, where does one find the debug logging codes please?
      I've found the ones in the man page, but e.g. the one in your post (0x0F03) isn't mentioned there.
      Thanks for your original post on this topic - most useful!




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