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Robin Lee

RtMidi 2.0.1 is available and deployed a different API for multiple backend support other than what provided by the patched RtMidi in VMPK 0.5.0.
It would be great if we can enjoy the collaboration of FOSS and respect original projects.


  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

    At the time when VMPK-0.5 released was being prepared, the latest RtMIDI was 2.0.0, which didn't even compile in Linux: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=29557570

    The author never answered that message or the patch. He don't bother either to announce new releases in any sensible way to my knowledge.

    The main problem with RtMIDI 2.x.x is that it doesn't support additional backends out of the library. VMPK includes a network MIDI option for all platforms, not only mobile and small devices (tablets) which are the main use cases for it. This network MIDI option can't be merged with the upstream library because it is based on Qt4, and RtMIDI is not. The only way would be to include the sources in the VMPK tree, like now.

    "enjoy the collaboration of FOSS and respect original projects"
    This includes the right of forking the projects and keeping a fluid dialog among the developers.

    If a future release of RtMIDI allows to build it as a shared library and at the same time to extend the set of backends, then maybe VMPK will use it. Otherwise, the next relase problably will keep the forked sources or switch to something else.

  • Robin Lee

    Robin Lee - 2012-12-18

    RtMidi 2.0.1 compiles on Linux.
    After that its API is really hard for extension and you are right.

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • assigned_to: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
    • Group: --> Alpha

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