#40 Windows Synth DLS Functions


VMPK on Windows will play using the Windows Synth and the gm.dls soundbank (a Roland soundbank).

You CAN make .dls files using a program called Audio Compositor 4.0.

The issue here is that once your new dls file is made, you have to rename it to gm.dls, then replace the
gm.dls in the SysWow64\Drivers folder (for 64-bit Vista).

After reading a bunch on how DirectMusic reads DLS, I noticed that you can programatically change
Windows Synth (dmsynth I think) to another dls, but there is not an "interface" to it in the OS (as far
as I've found anyway).

So (theoritically), with a few modules of code, you could probably have a way to point Windows
Synth to another dls file.

That would be cool.


  • DJDMise

    DJDMise - 2011-12-14

    Don't forget to back up your old gm.dls before replacing it!!!

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

    I'm not going to implement this in VMPK, because it already supports any MIDI synthesizer. For instance, you can connect VMPK to QSynth not only in Windows, but also in Mac OSX and Linux. QSynth is a GUI front-end for the FluidSynth engine, and it works with SoundFont2 files (.SF2). It would be preferable to implement DLS support in FluidSynth, because I'm already involved in all three projects, and because I believe in a software design principle: Rule of Modularity: Write simple parts connected by clean interfaces. http://catb.org/~esr/writings/taoup/html/ch01s06.html#id2877537

    You can find more information about VMPK connectivity here: http://midi-clorianos.blogspot.com/2011/04/midi-connection.html

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

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