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  • habilac

    habilac - 2011-11-13

    Feature: automatic recording of MIDI keyboard output

    XP sp3 - my MIDI setup is simple - Rolland PC-180 midi keyboard - Edirol UM-1EX midi-USB adapter - VTMK using Windows XP General MIDI synth? - stereo speakers to sound card (still much to learn in midi, still at basic piano level)

    This feature might not be adaptable to VMPK. It could also exist within another program or script which can be paired with VTMK, or even replace VMPK. It could also be added first as a script, and only after testing added using code. (I actually created some working scripts which I still use and improve in my work, so I'm not a total newby.)

    The basic idea is to start the program(s), press an Automatic Save button, and the feature waits for keyboard output, and only then records the notes. When keyboard activity stops, it waits a few seconds, let's say 3 seconds, and then stops recording. It automatically creates a MIDI file when the button is pressed, using the date and time within the name, ex. 111113_2115.mid, (yrmody_hrmn.mid). Recordings are added until Stop Automatic Save is hit. Rehitting Automatic Save opens, records and saves a new file.

    Much more could be done with this system. For instance, certain notes with Zero Volume could be added between the recordings, and these notes would be interpreted as specific commands or recognition markings rather than sounds, enabling more complex editing of the contents.

    (All this because I find that going through the saving procedure, for instance with MidiPiano 2.15, actually impairs my concentration, and reduces spontaneity. It breaks the creative spell I sometimes get into.)

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

    There is already a feature request for MIDI recording at the right place, in the tracker. I'm not going to work on it because I prefer to keep this program simple, without adding many features that would be better placed somewhere else, software or hardware. MIDI was invented to allow easy integration and connection of instruments and devices from different manufacturers. For instance, you may prefer an external  hardware sequencer like the Roland MC-80, and you can record already from VMPK in this device. Or an external synth instead of the MS Synth, or different MIDI sequencers. All of this is possible, thanks to the MIDI standard, and it is reasonable. Your Roland PC-180 only sends MIDI events, like VMPK, neither one has a synth and neither one records or plays MIDI sequences. There are other kind of specialized MIDI components for that task.


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