connecting to musescore in ubuntu

  • Bharath chand

    Bharath chand - 2013-11-18

    Hi, I'm using Musescore for the sheet music and Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard(VMPK) for playing the keyboard input & output. I'm using both in Ubuntu 13.04. But I don't know how to connect both. may I know how can I get the Musescore output in VMPK, and VMPK output in Musescore ? I have qjackctl and qsynth also. I don't know how to connect musescore and VMPK in qjackctl. I wish to know the jack connection also.

    VMPK is working well. Musescore is also working well. But I don't know how to connect both using qjackctl.
    I tried connecting musescore output to VMPK input and musescore output to Qsynth.
    (I/O tab in musescore preference is checked and enabled jack MIDI output. VMPK midi output is set to fluidsynth)
    while playing the notes in musescore, there's no keystrokes in VMPK. but when playing Midi files, after connecting kmidimon to VMPK, the keystrokes are visible. I'm expecting such an output from Musescore also. Is it posible in ubuntu ?

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

    This is almost the same question as the previous one, only changing Debian for Ubuntu.

    Current MuseScore version (1.3) only supports Jack MIDI output in addition to the internal synth. This corresponds to the MIDI tab connections in qjackctl.

    VMPK 0.4.0 (which is an old release) is distributed by Ubuntu compiled with only ALSA MIDI support. This allows to interoperate it with KMidimon and other Linux programs (ALSA tab connections in qjackctl), but not with MuseScore.

    VMPK 0.5.1 (the latest release) supports both ALSA MIDI and Jack MIDI, but Ubuntu distributes an older VMPK version without Jack MIDI support. You can compile VMPK yourself, but at the same time please open a bug report in Ubuntu asking them for a newer VMPK version compiled with all the available features.