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Playing chords

  • Xavier

    Xavier - 2010-12-14

    First of all, congratulations for your program.
    I would like to use it in my laptop, and I find that some key combinations are not possible. For example, the combination QRT is not possible, always the last of the three notes doesn't sound (only for QT, RT and QR). It happens the same for ZVB and ZSX, for example. Is there any way to get these combinations right?
    It is also strange that QWERUIOP can be pressed together, sounding all pitches at the same time, and other combination of several keys are not possible. For example: QWERYU.
    Thank you in advanced for your help,

    PD:I  also have a touchscreen, but touching the screen does give only a very short sound. Maybe a multi touch feature would be great!

  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas


    This problem is well known, and it is a hardware issue. Most PC keyboards suffer problems (due to their design) known as masking, ghosting and blocking. It has been documented, mostly because the gaming people has been looking for solutions for a long time. See the following articles:

    There are some PC keyboard models capable of 8 or 10 keys pressed at once. These models aren't cheap. For instance, try with a gaming keyboard like the Logitech G15, or the Razer Tarantula/Lycosa.

    The support for multi-touch will be solved if someone donate a device. I don't have one, and I'm not planning to buy one.