Mapping multiple keys to the same note

  • ec0000

    ec0000 - 2008-10-30


    Thank you for sharing the excellent program.

    I am doing experiment on different keyboard layout (Hayden, Jammer, Harmonic Table etc). Some of the layouts repeat the same note.

    Is there any way to do that? I edied the .xml but the system seems to ignore the second entry.

    • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas


      This is not possible in the current mappings dialog, because you can only bind one key to each MIDI note. You can edit the XML file by hand, though. In this way, you can bind several keys to the same MIDI note. It is not possible at all to bind the same key to several notes.

      Key sequences aren't supported, so don't use key modifiers like "Shift+" and "Ctrl+". Only single key names.


    • ec0000

      ec0000 - 2008-10-30

      Hi Pedro

      Thanks. It is working fine. I have set up an Jammer keyboard layout for experiment. If anyone is interest, the layout is in

      Music Learner

      Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the organisation. I am trying to create a layout that is easy and compact to play music with.

  • Vladimir [jpka]

    Vladimir [jpka] - 2009-10-05

    I also encounter this problem and write to author:

    "Vmpk support user keymaps. It's good! But I can't assign more than one
    key to same note. I need '<' key to produce same sound as 'q' key; 'l' key
    like '2' key; etc. (Like in 'ZynAddSubFx' program). But 'key map editor'
    window can't do this because it assigns only one key to note. "

    The answer from Pedro is

    "The keymap editor dialog is a simplification; it shows only one row for each MIDI note. But you can use any UTF8 text editor to create the XML files, and they  are organized so you can really assign several keys to the same MIDI note. For instance:

        <mapping key="<" note="36"/>
        <mapping key="Q" note="36"/>

    Maps both the "<" key and the "Q" key to the same MIDI note 36. "

    I open VMPK, save default XML, edit it as shown, and open. No effect. But when I restart VMPK, all works (until you again open "open keymap file" dialog, but it's not required because VMPK automatically load last file on start).
    So it solved now.


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