DJDMise - 2012-04-26

Just picked up an M-Audio Oxygen 25 from the Guit-Center on sale and am happy
to say that it works perfectly with VMPK (at least for the functions I use like pressing
the keys and making notes) on Windows Vista 64.

01. Make sure the Oxygen USB drivers are installed.
02. In VMPK's main menu, go: Edit | Connections
03. In the Connections dialog box, click-check box: Enable MIDI input
04. Also click-check: Enable MIDI Thru on MIDI Output
05. In the drop-down box, Input MIDI Connection, choose: Oxygen 25

That's about it to get it working. Use the Transpose button on the O25 to change octaves, not
sure about the rest of the stuff as I just got it today…