#22 NullPointerException

v 0.9.1
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Peter Bauer

vlkgps Version 0.9.1 on Nokia 6230i with LD-3W GPS mouse:

Trying to start vlkgps reults in an application error: Mobile says "Application Error: Nullpointer; java/lang/NullPointerExcpetion"

How to reproduce:
1. make a fresh installation of vlkgps 0.9.1
2. start it up (works well, and gives the debug output in the background)
3. set phone type to 0 - generic
4. set keyboard type to * - no querty
5. select bluetooth -> ok

Now, everything works well

6. Cleanly shut down applicatoin (Menu -> Exit!)

From now on, the App cant be started again and always terminates with a null pointer exception.

The last version I used - 0.8.1 - did work well and did not have that problem.


  • Keith Paterson

    Keith Paterson - 2010-06-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • Keith Paterson

    Keith Paterson - 2010-06-17

    Fixed in 0.9.2


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