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1.4.2 SP2 fix

Okay. Seems like SP2 issue is solved, so if you ("upgraded to SP2 and all i get is this lousy T-Shirt") have nothing but the black screen after vital desktop activation - please upgrade to new verson and provide me some feedback if it's still plain no work.

Oh. And btw. This is a binary-only release, as I get ever lazier. Code changes are really small, so true h4xx0R will manage it. Wgasa?... read more

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2006-07-27

SP2 broke my Vital desktop

Seems like Microsoft've changed something in the desktop architecture, so Vital Desktop fails to start on systems with SP2 installed.

I don't have much time but will try to fix this. Sure if anybody's willing to help - welcome.

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2006-07-10

1.4.1 is released

Hi there. For last couple of years I wanted to fix some minor issues in vital desktop and finally they are here. This release contains no code additions, so hopefully it works same as previous one. I've just removed some old-and-useless parts, added new graphics and fixed some old.

The general status of the project remains the same. Hybernated.

For couple of weeks I'll be probably interested in your feedback. Well... if it's a positive one - you can send it even later ;)... read more

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2006-03-13

as is

we have about 90 downloads and 300 hits a day, no code changes for last year(and i don't suppose to do any in the future) and also i decided not to pay for domain for next year, so it will be freely available from about january 2004.

long live the project.

and if you want some new feature/bug fix - you are welcome to get the source and make it. if not you, who else?

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2003-11-19

project developement

I'm finally ready to delegate this project to people who want to continue it. Contact me if.

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2003-03-10


Seems like more and more I'm getting far from project needs.
So if someone reads these news and wants to take active part in project - contact me. I no longer need fame... ;-=----)


Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2003-01-24

Open source transfer

Transfer is almost complete. Source code is put into CVS, licenses applied, site redesigned.

Join us.

Posted by Alexander Fedorenko 2002-09-22

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