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VisualOS / News: Recent posts

New home on

I pleased to announce the new home of the very delayed development for visualos. In a few days from now, I´ll give all the details about the new effort in the development of visualos.

Posted by Ramón Rey Vicente 2007-06-21

Version 1.0.5 released

Changes since 1.0.4:
Czech i18n and user manual. Should build on MacOS X/Fink "out of the box". Updated documentation from DocBook 3.0 to 4.1. Updated Spanish translation.

Posted by Ramón Rey Vicente 2004-06-02

All documentation is available on the webpage

The documentation compiles again, and I have uploaded all of it in all posible formats to the "Documentation" section of VisualOS's webpage.

There is also some contributed docs there in English and Italian.

Posted by Manuel Estrada Sainz 2002-05-27

Homepage face lift.

Since the begining the webpage was horrible, I didn't have the skill or the time to make it better.
But I finaly did it.

Thanks to Andreas Rottmann for writing the wml code I took to start with.

Posted by Manuel Estrada Sainz 2002-03-18