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VisualCamel enhancements

Some of the unused features have been hidden in the latest release of VisualCamel, in an attempt to make the interface more user friendly. As the hidden features become usable they will be revealed.

Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements to VisualCamel!

Posted by Brett Carroll 2010-09-03

VisualCamel released!

Widget properties have been limited making this release a better proof of concept.

Posted by Brett Carroll 2010-08-24

VisualCamel Proof-of-Concept version released

The Proof-of-Concept for VisualCamel is now available. VisualCamel is an attempt at making a pure perl WYSIWYG Visual Basic style Perl/Tk GUI designer.

Features include:
Drag-N-Drop of widgets
Save/Open projects
Create pure perl source code from project
Access to all available widget options and parameters

Posted by Brett Carroll 2010-04-20