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Next version improvements

As some people reported difficulties compiling the source, the next version has support for ./configure. It is by default linked with libstdc++. It will not need libg++.
This version is now in CVS and will be released after some testing in the next weeks

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-10-20

HMI designer demo

A (yet very buggy) demo preview of a web based HMI designer can be found on

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-02-25

Language support

For the main program I moved the function whichp rovides
message strings for message IDs to a loadable module.
I also provided the possinbility to override the standard
menubar/statusline creation functions from that module.
The module now contains the GERMAN text. The
FRENCH module, contains english texts mixed
with some rubbish, because I do not speak french.
Somebody else might fix this.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-02-11

HMI Demo available

An HMI demo screen can be seen on

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-02-02

JAVA on VGA without X

I try to run the JAVA hmi viewer on a vga screen without using an X-server. This may be usefull for small and/or embedded systems.
I put a VERY experimental version into CVS.
Any comments and/or help welcome!
Next step should be to bring it on the framebuffer.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-01-24

visual-0.0.3 was not a valid gzip archive

Sorry everybody, suppose I loaded it up in ASCII mode. Try 0.0.5!

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-01-04

vga based hmi viewer

The vga based viewer can now use trutype fonts

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2002-01-01

string handling

There are two possibilities to include header files from /usr/include/g++:
Either <string> or <String.h>, which provide similar functionality with slightly differing names, if I got it right. But using <String.h> reduces code size by about 20%.

Posted by Thomas Hergenhahn 2001-12-10

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