Mobirate visibility for user levels

  • Stella Lindblom

    Stella Lindblom - 2011-04-16

    In the backend I may choose to set status of each category. I just don't understand to what avail. What I would like to do is to set the availability according to user level - public/registered/special.

    One other thing. After electing "publish" the status reads "enabled". Isn't that ambigous? I tried changing it to archived, but nothing happened. The Mobirate stuff is still visible in the homepage.

    I tried to circumvent the problem by changing the settings in options for public to Denied, but alas that didn't do much either…

    My two öre,

  • Magnus Häggström


    And thanks again for your opinion.

    Maybe that configuration view isn't that clear, but it's purpose is to enable or disable the rating function per category. Therefore one can set following values to each category:
    * Enable
    * Disable
    * Inherit

    Inherit tells that the category will inherit configuration from its parent. If one sets inherit to the root categories it will use the configuration set in the "options" panel for MobiRate.

    In the view there is also an select box to select status. This box only filter which categoires to be displayed in this view.

    // Magnus Häggström

  • Stella Lindblom

    Stella Lindblom - 2011-04-18


    I got that much, that I may choose to have comments on different categories.

    What I would like to do is to make comments available only for registered or special groups, as is the convention in most other joomla apps. In a group effort I'd like to be able to make comments to other author's items on the site, but not make such comments visible for the public.

    Is there going to be such a possibility or does this feature lie outside of your commission?

    Best wishes,


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