How to use mobiforms Joomla extesion

  • AlexanDER Franca


    How to use (in fact, how to show) a mobiform in Joomla?

    There isn't any module type named "mobiform" nor any plugin that a I can call when I create an article.

    So, how to use that?


  • Magnus Häggström

    Hi and thanks for showing interest in MobiForms, and sorry for late answer.

    As it is now, MobiForms is only a Joomla component. Therefore, a menu item has to be created where the type is set to any of the available MobiForm types.

  • Jason

    Jason - 2011-08-25


    I have created a menu item to the MobiForms component and can view the sample category, as well as the form inside the sample category.

    However once I click on the name of the form, then I get a 500 error.

    Here is the site:

    as you can see on that page, clicking the Form 1 will bring an error.

    I have tried with SEF and with SEF URLS,

    also I have tried the new beta 2.1 version and went back to 2.0

    am I doing something wrong? does mobiforms work with j1.6?

    also, i just noticed in the 500 error it says:

    500 - JHtmlMobiforms: :captchainput not supported.

    is there a captcha??  wierd…

    thanks for your help i would love to get this working!!

  • Magnus Häggström

    Which version of MobiForms are you using now? The weird thing is that upcoming version of MobiForms have captcha function, but that version isn't released yet. It can be something wrong in the releasepackage.

    // Magnus

  • Magnus Häggström

    Jason, I found the bug that caused your problem. Actually, the problem was in MobiView, so I updated it and released version 2.0.6.

    Install the new MobiView and the problem should be solved.

    Thanks for trying our extensions and reporting bugs! That makes the development easier.

    // Magnus

  • Jason

    Jason - 2011-08-25

    Thanks so much for your effort,  I am very happy for your help.

  • Joakim

    Joakim - 2011-09-04


    I have installed mobiforms and found it under components, but how do I add questions to the form? All I get is forms without questions?


  • Magnus Häggström

    Hi dumbo1,

    Go to the list of MobiForms in the backend and then click in the column "Questions" on the row for the MobiForm you like to add questions. Now you just click on "New".

    Regards // Magnus

  • Angie

    Angie - 2012-02-06


    I have a problem with the visualization of questions because the font color of my template is the same to the label of questions.

    Please go to:


  • Magnus Häggström

    Hi lunna4,

    Seems like you solved the issue.

    // Magnus


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