Thomas Kvist - 2009-04-06

The project's aim is to create a digital guide that builds on Open Source code and that will be used with a computer or mobile telephone as a client.

The guide will help visitors to find until point of interest (POI:s). The guide will give the visitor a better experience than they otherwise would have before, during and after the visit.

The experience will be created by the use of pictures, sounds, text, competitions, advice about nearby POI:s  and other functions/contents provided by the guide. The guide will also be connected to different types of social media, i.e Flickr, Facebook etc

The solution will be created in a way that makes it possible to recycle the solution in different contexts where one want to give visitors different kinds of added values before, during or after a visit on a certain place/POI, for example in connection with different kinds' downtown area tours with different themes mm.

The project” 200 years of peace - creative industries in the upper north of Sweden” alias” Visitas” will:

1. Design IT solutions for it the digital guide in several iterations. Every iteration will end in a usable system.

2. Produce digital content for 40 places along the coast of Botnia that has a link to war of 1808-1809.

3. Promote solution and the places to operators within tourism sector.

The information that will be used in this project is POI:s related to the last war on Swedish soil.  More info here