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The release that never was.

From: Admin, Cip2
Subject: The release that never was.
Date: April 15th, 2005

Good morning VisGame Developer/User!

As some of you know I have committed to release every month the current version of VisGame. The first week of the following month will be the release time pried. But, as you may have noticed there was no release for March. This is due so many reasons; namely my IPS went out. I just wanted to say that because of this I have had more time to work on VisGame and so the April release will be amazing!... read more

Posted by cip2 2005-04-15

Pre-Alpha Coding has started.

The Pre-Alpha coding has started, so start looking at the CVS for changes. Maybe by the end of the month we will have a 2D VG game player.

Posted by cip2 2005-02-07

VisGame Prototype released

The VisGame prototype is done! Check it out!
<a href=> Click Here </a>
Or copy this address to your address bar.

Posted by cip2 2005-01-19

Website finaly up

Ok, our offical website is up, and you might find it at The content on the page is currently not complete, but you may still sign up at the site.

Posted by Andre Thoresen 2004-12-19

A new member and lists

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Subject: A new member and lists
Author: Admin, Cip2

Our newest member!
Andy Cornell is our newest member. Andy, has his own website hosting company and has given us a website. I also was looking for a head web designer and asked him to join us. So Andy will be our head web guy. He will build/maintain us a website and has already done us a logo. (you can see it at the website) He is our "Head Web Designer" for the web side of things. Please, thank him when you get the chance.
Link: read more

Posted by cip2 2004-12-16

Logo is finnished

I finnished logo, now i started on the webdesing, first, i am making a flash intro for the homepage, it will be a presantation of this project. After that one is done, i will start making the website.

Posted by Andre Thoresen 2004-12-06

Logo being made

The logo to VisGame is in development as we speak, soon the logo will be done.

Posted by cip2 2004-11-30

burley saves the day!

I messed up the CVS I'm sorry. But Burley was able to set it up again! Thank burley!

Posted by cip2 2004-10-27

Trove Updated

The Trove was updated to remove the Linux breed for the following causes.
1) I have not been able to think of a way for a OpenGL enabled version of VisGame. This may change when more people are added to the Dev. Team.
2) I will try my hardest to make sure that VisGame will work with emulators if there is not a Linux Version...but I do not see a Linux version being down at the same time the MS version will be. This is the main reson I have updated the Trove to reflect this.

Posted by cip2 2004-10-26

VisGame Project Aproved!

The VisGame project has been Aproved! Now is the time to start planning.

[Edited to thank 'burley' for aproving VisGame]
Thank you Burley, may this project never fall in question in the eyes of!

Audit:2004-10-01 20:53:04 burley Project approved

Posted by cip2 2004-10-02

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