A new member and lists

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Subject: A new member and lists
Author: Admin, Cip2

Our newest member!
Andy Cornell is our newest member. Andy, has his own website hosting company and has given us a website. I also was looking for a head web designer and asked him to join us. So Andy will be our head web guy. He will build/maintain us a website and has already done us a logo. (you can see it at the website) He is our "Head Web Designer" for the web side of things. Please, thank him when you get the chance.
Link: http://visgame.scrbud.net

New mailing lists!
The VisGame project admin, Cip2, has added two new mailing lists! These are the new mailing lists. Please sign up for them!

This list is for the developers and the development of the VisGame Project. Any subject tailored to the development side of things such as major code changes, CVS, code errors, etc. will be just one of the uses of this list.

NOTE: If you are a current member of the VisGame project you have been automatically added to this list so there is no need to sign up for it. Check your in boxes for the welcome e-mail! (used the SF e-mail alis)

This list is for news and announcements that partain to the VisGame project. Minor news and announcements such as members joining/leaving, subproject news and news that should not be posted on the VisGame news system. Up coming main events will also be told about here first.


Well that was all:
Admin, Cip2 out.

Posted by cip2 2004-12-16

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