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VisEmacs 3.1 released

Added support for emacsclient & vs2008

Posted by Michael 2008-08-24

Bugfix Release

I've just release version 3.0.2 of VisEmacs, which fixes a few bugs (esp. in the area of Visual Studio toolbars).

Posted by Michael 2006-11-04

VisEmacs3 Packages now available for download

I've made a source distribution of VisEmacs3 as well as an installer available in the downloads area.

Posted by Michael 2006-03-11

VisEmacs 3 Now in cvs

I've pulled a branch to host the VisEmacs 3 code base. This is a re-write of the VisEamcs 2.1 functionality that supports DevStudio 6, Visual Studio 2003, & Visual Studio 2005. See 'ReadMe.txt' for details.

To checkout, do:

cvs -z3 co -r visemacs3 -P visemacs

Bug reports, feature requests, complaints, &c welcome (

Posted by Michael 2006-03-07

VisEmacs (beta) now in CVS

Added several new config options for compatibility with other gnuclient / winclient programs.

Editing on a remote host is not yet functional, but the GUI configuration is there.

Setting gnuserv-frame is not yet functional.

Exposed VisualStudio events to emacs. Still to come: parse environment variables and VS variables.

This version is labeled as beta-2-9-0-9. It can be fetched with:

cvs checkout -r beta-2-9-0-9 ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-24

VisEmacs (beta) now available in CVS

This development release introduces a new configuration dialog with tooltip help, sending build results to emacs, path to gnuclient and gnudoit, debug logging to the 'Macro' tab of DevStudio, and several bug fixes.

Please give it a try, and report any bugs found, or suggestions for new features.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-11

VisEmacs v2.2.0.1 in CVS

VisEmacs v2.2.0.2 is now available in CVS. It is tagged with 'rel-2-2-0-1'. This version fixes a bug where the current source line was not being sent to emacs correctly. There is a new configuration option that allows VisEmacs to remain enabled during debugging (useful if you are using a package like eStudio). Packages and binaries will be available in a few days.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-23

VisEmacs now in CVS

Source code for versions and is now available through CVS on SourceForge. The rtags are rel-2-1-0-1 and rel-2-1-0-2 respectively.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-13