Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, v5.0.9

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.9.

This version includes significant performance optimizations to the SQL Engine, SPARQL+RDF Engine, ODBC and JDBC drivers.

New features include:
* An Excel mime-type output option in the SPARQL endpoint
* Enhanced triple options for bif:contains plus new options for transitivity
* New RDF-izer Cartridges for the Sponger RDF Middleware Layer
* Incorporation of UMBEL lookups and Named Entity Extraction into RDF-izer Cartridges
* Support for very large HTTP client requests
* A sparql-auth endpoint with digest authentication for using SPARUL via SPARQL Protocol
* New commands for the Ubiquity Firefox plugin

There are also minor bug-fixes:
* memory leaks
* SQL query syntax handling
* SPARQL 'select distinct'
* XHTML and javascript validation and other UI issues in the ODS application suite

For more details, see the release notes:

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Posted by Tim Haynes 2008-11-06

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