Hi Kurt,

I thought the problem with the resource description page (description.vsp) had gone away for you. What is the current state of affairs at one point you reported the following error:

Error 22023

SR014: Function rfc1808_parse_uri needs a string or wide or a UNAME as
argument 1, not an arg of type DB_NULL (204)

Loading the URI:



I note however this URI currently loads the SIOC RDF Browser now and querying the graph via the sparql endpoint returns different data that before, so are you still setting this on that server ?

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On 5 Feb 2009, at 17:31, Kurt J wrote:


So far i've been totally unsuccessful using the /about/ features of
virtuoso (which seem _really_ cool).  for example using
/about/html/<valid resource uri definitely in my datastore> only
returns information about the stylesheet. i.e.

xhv:stylesheet http://dbtune.org/cmn/resource/style.css

i've added SPARQL user to SPARQL_UPDATE and SPARQL_SPONGE roles

i've done grant execute on DB.DBA.RDF_SPONGE_UP to "SPARQL";

any ideas what could be going wrong?  perhaps some other magical grant
execute command?

kurt j

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