#10 Use freetext index to index for certain regexps


I advocated strongly freetext as a deliverable for the SPARQL WG, but there wasn't enough consensus to get it in. Also, my requirements were pretty simple, and did not require the full XPath/XQuery requirements that many others have. I summarised my requirements in the following advocacy message:


The WG noted that these requirements could be met by transforming the search string to a regular expression in the application layer. Indeed it can. However, no engines are optimized for this and it can potential be much slower than the built-in free text index.

Virtuoso allready has such a system and we used intensively, but since this is not standardised, there is a query portability cost.

My feature request is thus that the engine optimizes for certain regular expressions so that they are as fast as using the bif:contains.

If the user search term is "dahut", then the regular expression boils down to


I hope this is doable.


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    Ivan, please have a look and report back if this is feasible


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