Arnon Dagan - 2012-04-23

I'm using SPARQL to get the transitive closure with the following command:

SPARQL select DISTINCT ?xl ?synl ?x ?syn max(?step) ?path  where {{select ?x ?syn ?xl ?synl where {{ ?x <> ?syn . ?x <> ?xl . ?syn <> ?synl}}} option (TRANSITIVE, t_distinct, t_in(?x), t_out (?syn), t_no_cycles, t_step (?x) as ?link, t_step('path_id')as ?path, t_step('step_no') as ?step).FILTER ( ?syn = <> )} ;

but I would like to do the same for all the nodes (to get the transitive closure) not only for a single source column, how do I do it ? when I remove the filter an error is thrown.