A Newbie Getting Started

  • Anonymous - 2007-04-18

    To All and the OpenLink Crew,

    Fantastic work, folks!  The open source Virtuoso and ODS is simply elegant!  Thanks for all of your hard work in bringing the code to this point.  :)

    I'm frankly shocked that there has been no activity on this forum, now more than a year after first FOSS release.  I hope to be able to do what I can to correct that.  This code deserves significant visibility and use, which it is obviously not yet getting.

    First, I have written a comprehensive overview of OpenLink with an emphasis on its open source offerings (specifically Virtuoso, ODS, OAT and Sponger) on my blog at:  http://www.mkbergman.com/?p=355.

    Second, I hope/plan to start using this forum aggressively and see if a community begins to form or not.

    Thus, in that regard, I have some getting starting newbie questions.  Please note I have installed the Windows binaries (with everything running fine) and have downloaded and extracted the source code as well.  I should note that my immediate interest is in interface mods and refinements, so that I am focusing on ODS and its associated .vspx and .css files.

    1.  The ODS Quick Start guide (http://virtuoso.openlinksw.con/wiki/main/Main/OdsConfig) indicates I can install the ods_filesystem.vad package to make Web page changes on the fly.  I could not find that package, nor explanations of which source files go in it if I wanted to re-build it

    2. I have checked the excellent (but some dated, and most geared to the commercial version) Virtuoso documentation and can find no documentation on ods_dav.vad.  Would I be correct that *after* making any UI code changes that is advisable to re-build this package?

    3.  Are there any utilities to access and modify either .vsp or .vspx files?  Working with the XML directly is pretty hairy

    4.  It would seem that either an adoption or a bridge to XUL would make sense for VSPX (or perhaps some way to cross-lin the two).  It strikes me that take up for anything with a UI component depends on having a critic mass in a user community

    5.  Where might I find any documentation regarding how to create my own Virtuoso/ODS plug-ins?

    6.  Is there documentation for how best to include OAT with ODS, and does it add anything at present out of the box?

    Forgive me for the number of questions; there will certainly be more to come. 

    I think what you have produced here can be a very significant nucleus for many, many efforts to come.  But that will take community and it will take uptake.  Again, I will try to do what I can to promote that outcome.

    Thanks, Mike 

    • Anonymous - 2007-04-18


      I see that most initial discussion has occurred on the mailing lists and not the forums!  My apologies for a newbie mistake, and I will take my input there.



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