#139 Movement of Active Window via Right-click/Send-To Desktop-number-list

Mark Wiens

We sooo need a method to move a window in the active desktop, to one of the other desktops via some sort of context-menu or other, right-click Move-To Desktop number selection.

I spend a lot of time rebooting the computer and resetting the location of many programs and multiple browser windows to one of the 9 desktops they belong in.

It would be sooo much easier to send them to a different desktop, rather than to have to go to that other desktop, select the tray icon, and then select all the window titles you think belong there with the tray icon menu set to "Move-To".

The most efficient method is to actually see the window you want to move (let's say it's a browser with 10 tabs and therefore 10 possibly different titles depending on which one you'd selected before you left it) and be able to right-click-send to a different desktop. You could have everything gathered at the main desktop #1 and just pass all the program windows out like dealing cards to their respective desktops.

I know there's not a lot of current activity on this VirtuaWin program, but I really like it for its simple yet amazing capabilities!



  • Johan Piculell

    Johan Piculell - 2014-04-14

    Hi. How about the middle mouse button to bring up the "Move to Desktop" menu when clicking in the window titlebar?
    That is what I use for the most times.

    If you also reboot a lot and know where you want your windows every time I suggest spending some time to setup window rules to make them automatically assigned.


  • Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens - 2014-04-15

    That is basically what I was suggesting, but I left out the Active window "Title Bar"!! I do realize the authors priority is to have a minimal; footprint interfering with Windows, so adding an option to the right-click-title-bar menu (minimize, maximize, close, etc..) would probably break that rule, however, your idea, Johan, of a middle-mouse-click (or assignable mouse or key) would allow the function to maintain its independence. I think that's a GREAT idea!

    My problem with setting up the windows rules is that I'm not so concerned with certain "programs" autoloading into different windows, but that I often have some twenty FireFox windows, which I assign to different desktops, having some 5-20 tabs each! As such, I could end up shutting down with any number of different active tabs on a particular window. So, it might be hard to do it like that. I'll have to study more. Thanks!

  • Johan Piculell

    Johan Piculell - 2014-04-15

    Mark, the middle click function is there already today.
    You can also assign hotkeys to send the active window, or window under the mouse to any desktop directly.

    BTW, I am the original author of VirtuaWin.

  • Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens - 2014-04-15

    OMG!! Lol... Months before I began using your cool program here, I modified an AutoHotkey script to allow me to middle-click the mouse to disable the keyboard so that when I walked away from it for a moment, that our cats wouldn't mess anything up if they tromped all over it... hehe. So, all that time I've been missing this middle-click-widow-title-bar feature, because my middle-click was hooked elsewhere!! Thanks so much! I knew there must have been something odd that the author would have done all this and missed what seemed like one of the more obvious uses/features. :-) Thanks again!
    - Mark


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